Outer Belt Patch - v0.1.1

Outer Belt's first patch is here! This patch features rebalances, bugfixes, and some new stuff to try out!

Version 0.1.1 Changes:

  • Rebalanced Laser tech to come earlier, and the [REDACTED] no longer spreads until after you reach Tech 3.
  • 10 Gears are now bundled with Command Center Rockets, immediately allowing the construction of Drills and Factories at the destination.
  • 4 extra Chips are bundled with the HQ, starting you off with a total of 15.
  • Atmospheric decay now happens faster at higher dust levels. This allows dust to reach an equilibrium point depending on the amount of drilling you continuously conduct.
  • Added a new building to deal with dust, the Vent.
  • Made several smaller tweaks to the tech tree and building stats.
  • Fixed a few inconvenient bugs.

The next major update (v0.2) will feature saving and loading. There may be one or two minor patches leading up to it.

As always, let me know if you have any feedback!


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Jul 17, 2021

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Added a new building to deal with dust, the Vent.

Ooh nice, this is exciting! My last playthrough I ran into a bunch of dust problems.